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Pretty good question, come to think of it. I mean, these days, chances are half-decent that I have annoyed you enough already by ranting about strategy all over the proverbial shop - on stage, on podcasts, on TV, in newspapers, in columns for MarketingWeek and plenty of other places in which my wife has told me to shut up already. Apologies if you had to hear that.

I guess it would have to be because you are either a masochist or want the kind of truly nerdy in-depth commentary and analysis that, for various reasons, I would not publish anywhere else. Or both, I guess. I don’t judge.

Whatever your reason, I shall be eternally grateful for your subscription. It will net you full access to the Strategy in Praxis newsletter, the 2021 Castlin Manifesto and an instant +1,000 cool points.

What is Strategy in Praxis?

Undoubtedly a newsletter. Definitely will come out bi-weekly. Likely will challenge your views on strategy. Probably worth reading.

Why does it cost money to subscribe?

Because it costs money to write.